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International Free Church  Cologne

Christian Community
for all nations 


to international free church Cologne

We are Christians living in Germany, but coming from all over the world- Germany, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, South Korea, Mauritius, China, Ukraine …

We appreciate every human being and do not focus exclusively on any single nation, rather on all people with an internationl background as our name suggests:

International Free Church Cologne

(IFC- Cologne)

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Our Goal is ... 

​- to present the Biblical Gospel as the unique chance of God’s saving love in Christ Jesus to all people form all nations living in Germany with all their varied cultures and religious backgrounds.

- to live a life pleasing to God.

- to grow in making the Word of God (the Bible) our foundation in our faith and all parts of life.

- to live out our faith in the living God by practical deeds of love.

on Sunday, June 16, 2024

Pastor Na



Topic :

" Where can I get help in this troubled world?

Bible veres :

Psalm 121:1-8

Sundy Service

- Worship service on Sunday at 4 p.m

- Sunday Services are held in german.

- Live translation is provided in Farsi (persian) and English.

- Location: Salierring 25, 50677 Cologne


Information on donations and financial offerings

First and foremost: Donations and voluntary financial offerings from believers (e.g. tithes, thanks-offerings, donations for mission) are a pleasing scent for God. 
Nevertheless, they’re also an expression of gratefulness and of commitment of faith and show determination to participate in the local and universal ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ.
Donations and offerings are used for various church ministries and projects, for example:
monthly rent for the church facilities as well as for maintenance, payments for train and tram tickets for refugees who attend church services and events, financial or material help for church members in need, expenses for (seasonal) church events and projects, church equipment, evangelization and mission.

Through these offerings and donations believers actively participate in the building of the Kingdom of God.

Donation receipts
Our church is recognized as a non-profit organization by the City of Cologne. Therefore we are able to issue personal donations receipts at the beginning of each year for the use of tax declaration at the respective Finanzamt of the place of residence.

Internationale Free Church Cologne is a non-profit church, we are very grateful for every single donation and will use it carefully for the missionary work.

Account holder : Verein der internationalen Gemeinde
(Association of the International Church)
IBAN: DE41 3705 0198 1933 7711 13

Contact Us


Internationale Free Church Cologne

(c/o Heilsarmee Köln)

Salierring 25, 50677 Köln

International Christan Center

Salierring 23, 50677 Köln



Postal: Salierring 25, 50677 Cologne

Telephone number: In preparation

Internet presence:


YouTube Channel

Opening Hours


07:00 - 09:00 PM

Sorry, It is closed until February


02:30 - 06:00 PM

​Getting there

with public transport

Babarossaplatz: Line 12/15/16/18

Eifelstraße: Line 12/15/16

with car

Salierring 25, 50677 Köln

Parkplatz vorhanden

International Free Church Cologne

​Adress: Salierring 25, 50677 Cologne


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